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Have you seen the NEW Palas AQ-Guard Smart 2000 advanced ultra-fine particle monitoring station. This state-of-the-art instrument is designed for outdoor unattended operation for the long term measurement of ultra-fine particles from 10nm to 1,000nm (1um). It uses the latest diffusion charging technology, is MCERTS certified and requires NO working fluids like a condensation particle counter and similar devices would.

Key Features

  • 10nm to 1um particle size range
  • The latest diffusion charging technology
  • Particle concentration measurements > 1000 particles cm/3
  • Reports both the number concentration and the LDSA (lung deposited surface area)
  • USB, Ethernet (LAN), WI-FI and 3G/4G via modem and optional LoRaWAN
  • Protocols: UDP, ASCII, Modbus
  • Lightweight at only 6Kg
  • MCERTS certified for added measurement confidence
  • Can be tripod, pole or wall mounted
  • Simple plug and play fine particle measurement technology
  • No requirement for working fluids like condensation particle counters (butanol etc)
  • This technology is affordable and optimized for outdoor air monitoring applications
  • Optional weather station, sun shade, tripod and masts
  • 0 to + 40 degrees C temperature range
  • 2 year FREE online global cloud based monitoring via the Palas My Atmosphere  website

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