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An interesting video released by Palas GmbH in recent times showing the deployment of a fleet of Palas AQ Guard Smart dust and air quality monitoring stations deployed across the island of La Palma during a volcanic eruption. The video is in German, however there are subtitles in English.

The same latest generation high quality AQ Guard Smart monitoring systems are used extensively throughout the world including by leading dust and air quality researchers, mining companies, construction companies, universities, air quality monitoring networks and many other organizations monitoring dust and air quality. These models are MCERTS certified, some offer 64 channels of high resolution particle sizing data, they measure temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and other air quality parameters as well. Additionally, they feature a massive 10GB of internal data storage, built-in WI-FI, a built-in SIM card for remote connectivity, built-in LAN and many other cutting edge features.

You can download your data manually or remotely and these systems even connect directly to the popular Palas My Atmosphere website for online viewing and secure data collection. Palas even provides 2 years of FREE access to this website for new customers currently. You would expect this sort of German made precision technology to be quite expensive, however its NOT. Palas offer a range of models at very competitive prices and they even have a version for ultra-fine particles (10nm – 1um).

The AQ Guard Smart 2000 ultra-fine particle version is ideal for measuring aerosols such as dusts, smoke, diesel particulates and other potentially hazardous fine particulates down to 10nm. Many dust monitors on the market may only measure particles down to 500nm, 300nm or 100nm if you are lucky, however there is a lot of particulates still left in the air below this and a growing number of companies here and globally want to monitor these and where they end up.

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