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Palas PFE Mask Testing Systems

Palas PFE Mask Testing Systems

Palas PFE mask and respirator testing systems for industry professionals. Palas PMFT 1000 series PFE (particle filtration efficiency) filter media and disposable mask testing systems are latest generation N95 / disposable mask and filter testing systems for primarily testing respiratory masks in accordance with various global standards.

Palas PFE testing systems are not only capable of testing particle filtration efficiency (PFE), they are also capable of counting and sizing particles over a massive 100nm to 40um wide particle size range and with 128 high-resolution particle size channels. These amazing test systems are not just for filter/mask testing, they are high-performance particle counting, sizing, and analysis systems all in one giving the end-user extraordinary measurement capabilities FAR beyond what is available on many other filter and mask testing systems.

Imagine being able to test the particle filtration efficiency (PFE) as well as test the particle penetration of masks and media at individual particle sizes (with 128 channels) across this wide 100nm to 40um particle size range. Imagine how useful being able to count and size particles would be as well in truly being able to test and understand how your masks/media is performing.

The Palas PMFT 1000 series are capable of testing respiratory masks far better than the standards require and with far greater accuracy and stability and they are excellent systems for testing masks that are used for the protection against SARS, Coronavirus (COVID 19), and other airborne viruses. Manufactured in Germany by world-renowned particle instrument manufacturer PALAS GmbH, Palas PMFT-1000 series test systems are extensively used throughout Australasia and the world for testing N95 masks and media to the highest levels. Palas PFE