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Powder Particle Sizing

Powder Particle Sizing

Alpha Scientific offers select range of high quality powder particle sizing instruments for powders and bulk materials. Manufacturerd by world renowned particle equipment manufacturer PALAS GmbH, these instruments are ideal for many different applications.

Dust is generated during the production, conveyance, and filling of powders, bulk materials, granulates, pellets, etc. This dust can have negative impacts on occupational safety and the reliability of production. In addition, dust pollutes the environment and is not inconsiderable in the loss of production. The first essential step in preventing unwanted dust is to measure dust formation following free fall and impact.

The Palas DustView II is a fully automated dust measurement system that enables rapid and precise measurement of even the smallest fractions of dust generated following free fall and impact. Using the DustView II, the individual dust formation behavior can be determined quickly, clearly, and reproducibly so that the application of the system, especially in the quality assurance of powders, is outstandingly possible.

Also available through Alpha Scientific is a wide range of state-of-the-art dust monitoring instruments, particle research instruments, filter testing instruments and many other cutting edge technologies.