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Specialized Portable Particle Counters

Specialized Portable Particle Counters

Welcome to the forefront of precision monitoring with our cutting-edge 0.1μm portable optical particle counters. Expanding beyond traditional capabilities, these advanced instruments open up a myriad of applications across diverse industries where minute particle detection is critical. These instruments along with a suitable high pressure diffuser may also be used for testing particles in compressed and air gases to the ISO 8573 standard.

Industries and Applications

Semiconductor Manufacturing: In the ultra-sensitive environments of semiconductor cleanrooms, even the tiniest contaminants can wreak havoc on delicate processes. Our 0.1μm OPCs offer unparalleled accuracy, ensuring optimal production conditions and product quality.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology: From sterile drug manufacturing facilities to research labs, maintaining air purity is paramount. Detecting and controlling nanoparticles as small as 0.1μm is essential for compliance with stringent regulatory standards and safeguarding sensitive processes.

Aerospace and Defense: In aerospace manufacturing, precision is non-negotiable. Our OPCs empower engineers to monitor and mitigate contaminants in critical systems, enhancing reliability and performance in aerospace and defense applications.

Food and Beverage: Ensuring product safety and quality in food processing environments demands meticulous attention to airborne contaminants. With the ability to detect particles as small as 0.1μm, our OPCs support HACCP compliance and uphold the highest standards of hygiene.

Environmental Monitoring: From cleanrooms to outdoor air quality assessments, our 0.1μm OPCs provide invaluable insights into particulate matter concentrations, aiding environmental monitoring efforts and informing pollution control strategies.

Medical Device Manufacturing: Precision is paramount in medical device manufacturing facilities where even the slightest contamination can compromise product efficacy and patient safety. Our advanced OPCs enable real-time monitoring of airborne particles, ensuring adherence to rigorous quality standards.

Compressed Air and Gas Monitoring: In industries reliant on compressed air and gases, such as automotive manufacturing and electronics assembly, maintaining purity is crucial. Our 0.1μm OPCs offer unparalleled sensitivity, enabling precise detection of contaminants to safeguard production processes and product integrity.

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