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Aerosol Diluters

Aerosol Diluters

Aerosol diluters are widely used with dust and particle measurement instruments to lower aerosol concentrations prior to introducing the sample to the measurement device. Using particle measurement devices at or above their maximum measurement limit can damage instruments and or lead to poor measurement results.

Alpha Scientific offers a wide range of world class aerosol diluters from some of the world’s leading particle instrument manufacturers. Models are available to suit different instrument flow rates and there are a variety of dilution ratios to choose from. Custom dilution systems are also available.

When trying to make high concentration particle measurements with many optical particle counting instruments, aerosol dilution if often required. All optical particle counters, photometers and related devices have a maximum particle concentration range. Once this range is exceeded, measurement accuracy is compromised and the higher the concentration of aerosol you expose an instrument to, the higher the risk of it being contaminated by that aerosol.

Aerosol diluters are not only used as safeguards to protect measurement instruments against contamination and or damage, they are used to ensure concentration levels are kept well within the true measurement range of the device in order to make accurate and repeatable measurements.