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Multi Channel Anemometers

Multi Channel Anemometers

Alpha Scientific offers a wide range of affordable research grade single and multi channel anemometers for a many different measurement applications. Multi channel anemometers are commonly used by fluid mechanics professionals in monitoring flows in wind tunnels, in air flow research applications and in any areas where simultaneous high resolution multi channel air velocity and temperature measurements are required.

Multi channel anemometers are devices used to measure fluid velocity, particularly air, using the principle of heat transfer. They consist of multiple sensors that measure the velocity of air or gas flow in different channels simultaneously. These devices typically use heated elements and measure changes in temperature to calculate the velocity of the flowing medium.

Applications of multi channel anemometers are varied and include:

HVAC Systems

Monitoring airflow in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to optimize efficiency and ensure proper air distribution.

Environmental Monitoring

Studying air movement and flow patterns in environmental research, such as in wind tunnels or outdoor airflow studies.

Aerodynamics and Aerospace

Assessing airflow around objects like aircraft wings, vehicles, or structures to optimize design and performance.

Industrial Processes

Monitoring airflow in manufacturing processes, cleanrooms, and industrial ventilation systems to ensure safety and efficiency.


Studying atmospheric conditions and airflow patterns for weather forecasting and climatology.

Automotive Industry

Analyzing airflow in vehicles for aerodynamic efficiency, engine cooling, and cabin ventilation.

Research and Development

Used in various research fields where precise airflow measurements are crucial, such as fluid dynamics, combustion studies, and material testing.

These anemometers provide valuable data for understanding airflow patterns, improving designs, optimizing systems, and ensuring safety in various applications. They offer the advantage of measuring multiple channels simultaneously, allowing for comprehensive and detailed analysis of airflow characteristics in complex systems.