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Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld particle counters are widely used across many industries for monitoring cleanrooms and controlled environments, hospitals, laboratories, data centres, by indoor air quality monitoring professionals, for HEPA filter checking and many other purposes. Alpha Scientific offers a wide range of high quality, rugged, reliable and affordable handheld particle counters from some of the world’s leading particle equipment manufacturers.

All handheld particle counters are different and some are vastly different to others. It definately pays to do your research and select a handheld particle counter that is fit for purpose. Alpha Scientific has over 36 years of experience in this area and has sold thousands of handheld particle counters and particle measurement instruments (different brands, makes and models) into many industries over time.

Met One HHPC Particle Counters

Manufactured by world renowned global instrument manufacturer Beckman Coulter, Met One HHPC series handheld particle counters are extremely well known, respected and used throughout Australasia and the world. Designed primarily for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments they may also be used for indoor air quality monitoring applications.

Beautifully designed and well constructed, Met One HHPC series particle counters would have to be one of the most robust and reliable particle counters we have ever sold. Data can be stored on the device and downloaded via USB stick, USB cable or remotely via LAN over your network. The particle counter may be left in a cleanroom or controlled environment and you can access this remotely via your LAN.

Particles Plus Particle Counters

Particles Plus handheld particle counters are latest generation hybrid particle measurement instruments that may be used in cleanrooms, for indoor air quality monitoring, for occupational health & safety monitoring and even outdoor air quality monitoring applications. Capable of particle counting & sizing, they additionally measure particle mass in ug/m3, temperature, humidity, VOC’s & other gases.

Features include, simultaneous PM fraction dust monitoring, measuring particles up to much higher concentrations than traditional handheld particle counters, 45,000 sample storage, large colour touch screen display, 10 hour battery life, remote access and data download, particle density and refractive index correction, audible / visual alarms, long life laser diode and more.

Kanomax Particle Counters

Established in 1934 and based in Japan, Kanomax is a world leader in the manufacturer of many different particle measurement technologies, not to mention thermal anemometers and other scientific and laboratory instruments. Some of these technologies are rebranded as other brands you are likely to know however Kanomax also sell certain product lines directly throughout the world. Alpha Scientific is proud to represent Kanomax here in Australia and many of their particle and related products.

Compact and reliable, Kanomax manufacture a number of handheld particle counters for monitoring cleanrooms and controlled environments. Their products have proven to be reliable over time as has the support from Kanomax globally.

Alpha Scientific also offers a wide range of world class portable particle counters, remote particle counters for fixed continuous particle monitoring and complete software based particle and environmental monitoring systems.