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Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld Particle Counters

Handheld particle counters are widely used across many industries for monitoring cleanrooms and controlled environments, hospitals, laboratories, data centres, by indoor air quality monitoring professionals, for HEPA filter checking and many other purposes. Alpha Scientific offers a wide range of high quality, rugged, reliable and affordable handheld particle counters.

Our company has over 36 years of experience in this area and has sold thousands of handheld particle counters and particle measurement instruments (different brands, makes and models) into many industries over time.

While there are many different handheld particle counters on the market these days ranging from hundreds of dollars to many thousands of dollars, Alpha Scientific hand selects and promotes a specific range of brands and instruments it believes are technically advanced, represents quality and value for money.

Handheld particle counters are commonly used in many different industries. These include, however, are not limited to, monitoring cleanrooms, checking that safety cabinets and isolators are operating correctly, indoor air quality testing, testing data centers, filter testing, and much more.

Selecting the right handheld particle counter is important to ensure it is suitable for your application. Different models have different particle size ranges and concentration limits, not to mention features.

Alpha Scientific also offers a wide range of world class portable particle counters, remote particle counters for fixed continuous particle monitoring and complete software based particle and environmental monitoring systems.

Our Beckman Coulter HHPC series handheld particle counters are almost legendary with them being widely used throughout Australia and the world by thousands of organizations. The latest Particles Plus and Kanomax models also offer advanced features for industry professionals including simultaneous PM fraction dust measurements (mg/m3) and many other sought after features.