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Particles Plus Handheld Particle Counters

Particles Plus handheld particle counters are evolutionary handheld particle measurement instruments capable of being used for cleanroom monitoring, indoor air quality, occupational health & safety and outdoor air quality monitoring. Unlike many traditional particle counters, these hybrid instruments are capable of particle counting, sizing and particle mass measurements (mg/m3) over a much higher particle concentration range when compared to traditional optical particle counters.

Manufactured in the U.S.A, Particles Plus offer a wide range of models which vary in features, flow rate and particle concentration capabilities. Some models are capable of simultaneous PM fraction measurements, CO2, TVOC and other environmental measurements, while data may be accessed locally or remotely via a range of options.

What Can Particles Plus Handhelds Measure

  • Simultaneous particle counting and sizing over 6 particle size channels for monitoring cleanrooms and controlled environments
  • Simultaneous PM fraction dust measurements (ug/m3) for indoor air quality, OH&S and outdoor air monitoring applications
  • Measures temperature from 0 to 50 degrees C with +/- 0.5 deg C accuracy
  • Measures humidity from 15% to 90% with 2% RH accuracy
  • Measures CO2 from 0 to 5,000ppm with 1ppm accuracy
  • Measures TVOC from 0 to 50ppm with 5ppb accuracy

Particles Plus Handheld Particle Counter Key Features

  • It’s a real-time portable particle counter and real-time mass measuring dust monitor all in the one device
  • 0.3um to 25um wide particle size range
  • 2.8 lpm flow rate with built-in pump & automatic flow control
  • 6 simultaneous particle size channels (0.3um, 0.5um, 1.0um, 2.5um, 5.0um, 10.0um)
  • 6 simultaneous PM dust fractions (PM0.3, PM0.5, PM1, PM2.5, PM5, PM10)
  • Impressive 15,000,000 Particles/ft³ @ 10% coincidence loss particle concentration limit
  • 0.01 to 20,000ug/m3 mass concentration range with 0.00003ug/m3 resolution
  • Particle density and refractive index correction capabilities
  • User selected particle size channels
  • Massive 45,000 sample data storage, 1,000 sample locations and 50 recipes
  • Annotation function allows user to save 32 character notations to a sample record
  • The latest long-life laser diode technology
  • Large icon driven WQVGA 480 x 272 color touch screen
  • Remote diagnostics allows for remote service investigation through the Internet
  • Easy configuration and transferable from instrument to instrument
  • Connect using Ethernet, USB or (optional) Wireless 802.11 b/g, RS 485 or RS232
  • Displays user-definable reports for ISO 14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1 and FS 209E
  • New generation lithium ion battery with greater than 10 hours of battery operation (continuous use)
  • The internal battery is removable unlike some instruments on the market
  • Internal audible alarm with comprehensive alarm management
  • Alarms on counts for all particle sizes, low battery, sensor failure, environmental sensors and flow
  • Internal HEPA filter for pump exhaust
  • Seamless integration into a facility monitoring system
  • Lightweight high-impact injection molded plastic enclosure
  • User friendly field calibration with single or dual point offsets for all sensors
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate included
  • Complies with ISO 21501-4 and JIS B9921 standards
  • 2 year limited warranty

Particles Plus handheld particle counters may be used in cleanrooms and or a wide variety of other areas unlike traditional particle counters. Alpha Scientific also offers a wide range of world class portable particle counters, remote particle counters for fixed continuous particle monitoring and complete software based particle and environmental monitoring systems.