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Autonomous Sampling Robots

Autonomous Sampling Robots

Micron View offer a range of new generation state-of-the-art autonomous sampling robots for organizations who really want to step up their non viable and viable particle monitoring, remove humans from the equation and truly automate their environmental monitoring on site. These incredible units avoid obstacles through a depth camera and ultrasonic radar.

They can perform functions such as accurate arrival at sampling sites, sampling, and traversal of designated areas, automatic opening and closing of doors, autonomous elevator rides, and automatic pile charging. They navigate facilities using the latest LiDAR and SLAM technology and they are the ultimate sampling systems for modern technology savy facilities.

Data transmission

  • USB interface can realize report export
  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Configuration of AP / Station dual mode
  • Free networking without relying on external networks

Precise Positioning

  • Ensures accurate positioning at test locations

Autonomous Navigation

  • Automatic environmental sampling

Scheduled Tasks

  • Complete unattended operation

Flexible Deployment

  • Rapid sampling module replacement

Automatic charging

  • Able to work all day