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Laboratory & Scientific

Laboratory & Scientific

Alpha Scientific offers a range of high quality laboratory and scientific instruments for many different applications. Beckman Coulter liquid particle counters are extensively used throughout Australia and the world by pharmaceutical companies, universities, research groups and many other quality conscious organizations. They are primarily designed for use in GMP facilities where testing to USP 787, USP 788, USP 789, EP, JP, BP and other global standards is desired.

Shimadzu particle sizing systems are highly flexibly particle size analyzers capable measuring liquids and powders across an enormous particle size range and for many different industry applications. They are widely used in the food industry, pharmaceuticals, mining, industrial and in countless other areas globally.

Anatel TOC analyzers from Beckman Coulter are state-of-the-art pharmaceutical grade total organic carbon TOC analyzers which are specifically designed to help demonstrate compliance to the latest pharmacopoeial requirements for TOC and conductivity for Purified Water and Water For Injection. Anatel offer an extensive range of online and portable instruments which are widely used throughout Australia and the world and these instruments may be fully calibrated and validated to the latest USP 643 and USP 645 standards.

We offer an extensive range of microbial air samplers with the portable models only displayed in this section. Other fixed automated systems are available as are real-time measurement solutions. The latest generation of unmanned automomous sampling systems are also now available where these state-of-the-art units navigate around facilities and perform particle counting, microbial monitoring, VHP decontamination and UV sterilization for you.