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Cloud Based Data Collection

Created and hosted by PALAS in Germany, My Atmosphere is a professional GLOBAL cloud based environmental monitoring, data collection, reporting and managament platform designed for collecting data from a wide range of PALAS and associated measurement instruments. The platform also provides EMAIL alerts and messaging for customers when alarm presets are triggered, global mapping, GPS coordinates and SO much more. The range of instruments it supports is constantly expanding along with the platforms capabilities. More

My Atmosphere Site Login

The following link or by clicking on the image to the left takes you directly to the Palas My Cloud platform where users can resgiter and or login to their accounts and view their measurement instruments. Please make sure you have your correct username and password available before loging in and please store this information in a safe location at all times. Should you have any problems accessing your account, please feel free to contact us on (03) 9893 3972 or email

Site Login Click HERE