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Microbial Air Samplers

Microbial Air Samplers

Microbial air samplers are widely used for monitoring controlled environments such as cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, isolators, laminar airflow cabinets and other equipment. They are also commonly used in the food industry, for indoor air quality monitoring and in other areas. Alpha Scientific offers a wide range range of high quality, world class microbial air samplers from some of the world’s leading microbial air sampler manufacturers.

All of our microbial air samplers are fully serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia and some of the technology we offer is very unique and is only available through Alpha Scientific in Australia. All of our microbial air samplers also ensure compliance with the latest ISO 14698, EN-17141, EU GMP Annex 1 and 21 CFR-11 requirements.

Australia’s Largest Range of Professional Microbial Air Samplers

Not All Microbial Air Samplers Are The Same

Unlike some companies who only promote a single brand of samplers or in some cases a single model of sampler as a “one shoe fits all” solution, we know at Alpha Scientific that this is not the case based on decades of experience in selling microbial air samplers and related sampling technologies. There are vast differences between samplers on the market in terms of accuracy, features and performance and its critically important for customers to read the fine print and know what you are buying.

Standards Are Changing & So Are Samplers

While many organizations are used to simply buying a brand of microbial air sampler that may be familiar to them and taking 10 minute samples (per location) repeatedly, this is very time consuming and costly to facilities as any air sampling professional will tell you. With the recent changes to EU GMP Annex 1, this further increases the need to undertake sampling and also ensure you have equipment that is fit for purpose. Technology is constantly evolving and sampling professionals should definately take advantage of this.

Other Microbial Air Sampling Options

Automated Microbial Monitoring

Automated microbial monitoring is where remote sampling heads are placed on walls, in cabinets and or on equipment and these are then connected to an external vacuum source or local control box with the remote control of the sampling done via software on a computer system. The software may be standalone or form part of an EMS monitoring platform. Samples are still collected and incubated in the same manner however these systems give facilities the ability to automate microbial monitoring where desired.

Compressed Air & Gas Sampling

Sampling particles in compressed air or gases is becoming more popular and hence more samplers and sampling technologies are appearing on the market. There are vast differences between many of these technologies and customers are advised to undertake proper research. Simply buying a brand you may know does not guarantee you are buying quality or something that is going to be fit for the purpose. Feel free to contact Alpha Scientific should you have any questions.

Real-Time Continuous Monitoring

There are only a select number of continuous real-time microbial monitoring instruments on the market and Alpha Scientific is proud to offer one of those solutions, arguably the most portable and best. This technology continues to grow in popularity as it allows facilities the ability to perform real-time 24/7 microbial detection, alerting, reporting, graphing and so on. This technology is portable and may be moved to locations as needed or fixed in a particular location.

Autonomous Sampling Robots

This latest generation technology is the ultimate leap forward is cleanroom monitoring and sampling. It removes humans completely for the process, saving time, money, reducing the risks associated with humans collecting and potentially contaminating samples and so on. These robots may be used to undertake particle counting, microbial air sampling, decontamination and other tasks which would otherwise be left to humans to perform.

Microbial Air Samplers

The latest revision of the EU GMP Annex 1 guidelines is now published, and for the most part compliance is now in effect as of August 25th, 2023. If you are working on how to implement the latest revision of GMP Annex 1 in your manufacturing operations, some of the links below may be of assistance.