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Hospital Environmental Monitoring

Hospital Environmental Monitoring

Hospital environmental monitoring systems are widely used throughout Australasia and the world. Monitoring temperature, humidity, differential pressure, non viable particles, viable particles, fridges, freezers, incubators, ovens and other equipment is commonly and easily done using wired and or wireless monitoring solutions.

Our staff at Alpha Scientific have over 36 years of experience in the supply of environmental monitoring systems into hospitals and healthcare for compliance to ISO 14644-2, EU GMP Annex 1, PICs PE 009 and other global standards. From portable instruments, right through to large scale million dollar multi-site projects, our staff have worked with and supplied particle and or environmental monitoring systems to many or Australasia’s leading pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, healthcare facilities, compounding pharmacies and others.

New System Installations

Our state-of-the-art Pharmagraph hospital environmental monitoring systems are extensively used by leading organizations throughout Australia and the world. These systems are extremely reliable and offer unprecidented flexibility when compared to many other monitoring systems on the market. Our Pharmagraph platforms also support many different brands of particle counters on the market with this number growing all the time. This unlocks facilities from being totally reliant on and locked into one specific vendor and their brand of particle counters.

Upgrading Existing Systems

Stuck with an outdated monitoring system and wanting to upgrade ? You have done some research and found that you can’t upgrade or to upgrade and change to another supplier will cost you a fortune in having to throw away your existing particle counters and other hardware / software, only to be then locked in again to a new supplier. Upgrading is an industry wide problem which has plagued facilities for many years. Our monitoring system platforms are highly flexible and can be rolled into facilities in many cases without having to discard most of your existing system.

National Systems Integration Network

At Alpha Scientific, we work for the customer and want what’s in the customers best interest. We know from decades of experience that trying to fly suppliers in from other states to support your system is both time consuming and costly. Delays and downtime costs companies money each and every day in this industry. In an industry first, in 2020 we established a national network of system integration partners. This network continues to grow and be refined while delivering fast, local and cost effective system installations, upgrades and ongoing technical support for customers.

National Calibration Services Network

Environmental sensor calibrations, vacuum system maintenance and other EMS related tasks can easily be undertaken in most states and territories without the need to fly suppliers in from interstate at considerable ongoing cost to facilities. Our national calibration services network has been operating since 2020 and incorporates a wide range of highly experienced NATA laboratories and related service providers. These network partners are proving highly valuable to our customers in providing fast, reliable, high quality and local ongoing calibration support.

Hospital Environmental Monitoring

Hospital environmental monitoring is becoming increasingly popular as hospitals strive to monitor indoor air quality, airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, differential pressure and other parameters in controlled environments such as cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, isolation wards and other areas. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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