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General Services

Alpha Scientific offers a wide variety of services which underpin the many monitoring systems and instruments we offer. Some of these services are provided in-house and others are in conjuction with our Australasian systems integration, calibration and service partner networks. The range of services we offer continues to grow as does the number of companies working with us. For Alpha Scientific is not about trying to do every ourselves inhouse or claiming to do everything or be everything to everyone, its about us employing and or working with the best people we can find to provide the best possible level of service and support to our customers.

Repairs & Technical Support

Supporting customers is absolutely paramount to us and we never stop improving systems and processes in an effort to constantly evolve this. Our staff provide technical support both inside and outside any warranty periods and Alpha Scientific, our network partners and global suppliers work closely together to service, support and calibrate any equipment as the need arises. For more information, please feel free to email or call us on 03 9893 3972.

Calibration Services

Alpha Scientific offers a range of calibration services which may be performed in-house or on-site. As is the case with many suppliers, some of these are performed by us directly and others are undertaken by our Australasian calibration laboratory partner network. This network offers an extensive range of calibration services spanning many fields. A key advantage for customers in having such a network is that they most likely have a calibration network partner close to them which can respond quickly and more cost effectivey when compared to flying people in from other states.

Installation & Commissioning

Installation and commissioning is available for most if not all of the products we offer as a company. Some handheld instruments obviously dont require this, however for other equipment such as our GMP compliant particle and or environmental monitoring systems, this is a necessity. While Alpha Scientific installs and commisions some equipment directly, our Australasian system integration partners commonly undertake this work as they are on the ground in different states and territories across Australia and New Zealand.

Validation Services

Validation documentation and the onsite execution of those documents is required for certain types of equipment and environmental monitoring systems. Alpha Scientific can supply all the necessary validation documentation as well and arrange for the the onsite execution of those documents by experienced professionals. Our staff have decades of experience in supplying GMP compliant environmental monitoring systems and a wide range of scientific and laboratory equipment across Australasia.

Project Management

Some of the larger projects we secure (typically GMP compliant particle and or environmental monitoring systems) require project management. Alpha Scientific, working with our network partners across Australasia has a team of highly experienced project managers with vast experience in automation, SCADA / EMS system installation and project management. Having your own local state based project manager can prove to be priceless when compared to having to deal with people remotely over the phone or fly people in from interstate.

Rental & Leasing

Alpha Scientific offers a selected range of products that are available for rental and an extended range of products which are available for leasing. Sometimes rental or leasing can be advantageous when compared to buying equipment. There are pros and cons with all these options and our highly experienced staff can discuss these with you to find the best solution to meet your requirements. Feel free to contact us at (03) 9893 3972 for further information or email

Online Data Collection

Alpha Scientific offers a wide range of products which may be linked back to online data collection portals for customers to remotely access their instrument data, generate reports and receive email and or SMS messages on alarms. We have our own platforms available and online platforms also available through our local affiliates and global suppliers. There are plenty of choices and for us its all about working with our customers to determine which options are best for them.

Education & Training

Learning how to operate equipment is paramount if you intend to use it properly and safely. While Alpha Scientific provides user manuals, videos and or other supporting material with many products we supply, we also provide and or can arrange video based or on-site training for our customers who need this. Our global principles are also very committed to looking after their / our customers and its not uncommon for them to get involved in some training sessions. We also occassionally run webinars, seminars and other events for customers as do some of our suppliers.

Service Level Agreements

Service level agreements are also available for various products and systems we offer. GMP compliant particle and environmental monitoring systems (EMS) would be a good example of where they are commonly used. That said, these are available from us and or our network partners, however they are not mandatory and we do not force these on customers unlike some suppliers. The systems and instruments we provide can still easily be annually maintained and calibrated without a formal service level agreement being in place.