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Face Mask & Respirator Testing

Face Mask & Respirator Testing

Face mask and respirator testing systems and instruments are widely used by disposable face mask and respirator manufacturers, government departments, hospitals, health authorities, research groups, filter media manufacturers, universities, testing laboratories and many other organizations throughout Australia and the world.

Alpha Scientific represents some of the world’s leading face mask and respirator testing system manufacturers and our staff have decades of experience in this field. Our staff have worked with numerous global manufacturers over 36 years and we are familiar with many different measurement technologies on the market and their pros and cons, not to mention their suitability to comply with different global standards

Palas PMFT-1000 series filter and mask test systems are revolutionary German made next generation platforms designed to offer users extraordinary measurement capabilities and flexibility. Capable of high resolution particle counting, particle sizing, mass, % penetration and other measurements, these systems may be used for not only filter / media testing but also research applications.

They are not locked to any specific standards or aerosols unlike some other systems on the market and they are modular, with the measurement spectrometer being able to be removed and used for other applications.

Face Mask & Respirator Testing is important for several reasons:

  1. Quality assurance: Testing helps ensure that the masks and respirators meet the required quality standards and provide the intended level of protection to the wearer.
  2. Safety: Disposable masks and respirators are used to protect the wearer from harmful particles in the air. Proper testing ensures that the masks and respirators provide the necessary protection and do not pose any health risks to the wearer.
  3. Regulatory compliance: Regulatory bodies such as the FDA and NIOSH require that masks and respirators meet certain performance standards before they can be sold in the market. Testing is necessary to ensure compliance with these standards.
  4. Performance evaluation: Testing helps evaluate the performance of different types of masks and respirators, which can help inform decisions on which type of mask or respirator to use in different settings or for different types of exposures.

Face mask and respirator testing is crucial to ensure their quality, safety, regulatory compliance, and performance.