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Liquid Particle Counters

Liquid Particle Counters

Liquid particle counters are widely used across many industries including pharmaceutical manufacturing, medical research, hospitals, laboratories, universities, contract manufacturing, research and development and many others. Beckman Coulter HIAC 9703 series liquid particle counters are regarded as the gold standard by many local and global organizations who have standardized on them over many years.

The latest generation HIAC 9703+ series liquid particle counters from Beckman Coulter build on the same rock solid, proven, tried and tested technology that has served industry for a generation. They incorporate latest generation communications, optics and electronics, they are capable of highly accurate high resolution particle counting and sizing measurements, they feature interchangable particle sensors and offer many KEY advantages when to compared to competitive instruments.

The HIAC 9703+ series of liquid particle counters measure particles in a variety of liquids with a syringe sampler and sensor. They have the ability to handle a wide range of sample volumes from 0.2 mL to over 2,000 mL and the pre-configured USP, EP & JP compendial test routines ensure your you comply with the latest standards quickly and efficiently. With auto-flush routines and test recipe setup wizards, operators enjoy more plug and play operation with these latest generation instruments.

Key Features

  • Broadest range of sample sizes – Perform a full suite of tests with just 0.2 mL of product or 2,000 mL
  • Manages all your application needs – Pre-configured USP, EP, JP, and KP test routines or create your own using the Procedural Builder as part of the supplied PharmSpec software
  • Eliminate anxiety of data loss and integrity – Data loss recovery feature protects the results in the event of a power interruption or loss. Automatic database backup to a secure network location via PharmSpec. PharmSpec enables you lab to maintain worry free 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Eliminate uncertainty from data – Alarm notification when bubbles and/or sensor contamination has impacted particle counting results
  • Secure sample handling – Small vial holder ensures that expensive sample don’t get wasted
  • Easily configurable for maximum flexibility – Select a preferred flow rate and utilize interchangeable sensors from 0.5 to 600 µm particle size detection
  • Avoid costly down time – On-site service significantly reduces down time – No shipping of your unit required. Auto notification when your unit is in need of routine service.

Key Advantages

  • Experienced technical sales staff with over 36 years of experience in the industry selling different brands, makes and models of liquid particle counting instruments
  • 16 particle size channels offering high resolution results
  • Modern USB & Ethernet LAN communications
  • Various systems and configurations to choose from
  • Various factory pre-calibration options to choose from
  • Procedure builder for R&D and custom testing
  • LAF cabinet compliant as the standards recommend
  • Fully compliant with the latest global standards
  • Wide viscosity range for greater flexibility
  • Complete onsite installation & commissioning
  • Professional validation documentation
  • Onsite execution of validation documentation
  • Onsite training across Australasia
  • Onsite annual maintenance & re-calibration
  • Support from both Alpha Scientific & Beckman Coulter
  • Proven, tried and tested technology used globally
The Beckman Coulter 9703+ series of liquid particle counters represent modern latest generation technology unlike some competitive samplers on the market. They are designed for Windows 10 & 11 operating systems, they have USB and Ethernet LAN conenctivity, interchangeable particle sensors, a wide viscosity range, variable flow rate, 16 high resolution particle size channels, a >95% flow rate accuracy (USP 1788), they are properly designed for use in a laminar air flow cabinet or equivillent environment as the standards specify and so much more.

Various Sensor Options

  • 1.3um to 150um
  • 1.3um to 150um (with chemical compatibility)
  • 2um to 400um
  • 2um to 600um (with chemical compatibility)
Interchangeable sensors means much greater flexibility for pharmaceutical companies and testing laboratories. Being locked into one sensor at one fixed flow rate is a thing of the past and many organizations demand much greater flexibility.

Standards & Compliance

The Beckman Coulter 9703+ series of liquid particle counters ensure compliance with a wide range of global standards which includes however is not limited to the following. Compendials are available for immediate compliance to numerous standards and an optional procedure builder is also available which allows customers to comply with other standards and or create their own test methods for research and development, teaching / educational purposes and many other applications.

  • USP 787
  • USP 788
  • USP 789
  • EP
  • BP
  • JP
  • KP
  • CP

Service, Support & Calibration

All of our liquid particle counting instruments are also fully serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia. Most sales of this equipment include the installation, commissioning, validation documentation, onsite execution of those documents and training for end users. Calibrations may be performed to various global standards and our clients have the peace of mind in knowing both Alpha Scientific and Beckman Coulter are here in Australia to support them.

Experienced factory trained Beckman Coulter service technicians are also available throughout Australia and New Zealand to quickly and efficiently perform any maintenance and or calibration work that may be required. Having a TEAM of specialist service technicians spread around Australia and New Zealand provides critical redundancy and peace of mind for many of our customers when compared to some suppliers who have only ONE service technician on in some cases none to support customers in this region.