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Fixed Dust Monitoring Systems

Fixed Dust Monitoring Systems

Dust monitoring systems for fixed outdoor air quality monitoring. Monitoring dust / particulate levels outdoors has always been popular and it’s even mandatory for many organizations to undetake dust monitoring in many fields (mining, construction, roadwork, tunnelling, quarries and others). Monitoring dust levels, particularly in real-time is an excellent way to manage pollutants coming from your site.

Alpha Scientific has over 36 years of experience in this field in the supply of thousands of real-time dust monitoring systems and instruments into many different industries. We are familiar with many different brands, makes and models of dust monitors on the market and we offer a variety of world class transportable and fixed dust monitoring systems that may be used for different applications.

While there appears to be countless portable dust monitors and dust monitoring systems floating around the market these days ranging from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, its important that customers buy equipment that is “fit for purpose” and is suitable for their application. There are many variables to consider when buying dust monitoring systems of this nature and buying the cheapest dust monitor you can find often results in poor quality data and instrument failure.

Every dust monitoring instrument has varying specifications and is capable of making certain measurements only. Regardless of what the brochure says, the devil is often in the detail. Some instruments can be used for compliance monitoring under AS3580 and other instruments cannot and customers often get caught out unless they receive proper advice.

There are also many different types of dust monitors (optical particle counters, photometers, nephelometers, spectrometers etc) and they all have their pros and cons and limitations in some cases. Again, our staff have extensive experience in this area and can help steer you in the right direction.