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Online Data Collection

Online Data Collection

Online data collection for industry professionals. At Alpha Scientific, we offer many different dust, particulate and environmental monitoring solutions. These can be fixed indoors or mounted outdoors for many different applications. Being able to store and access your data from these systems is vital, as is receiving email alerts once certain alarm threasholds are reached and or if the instrument develops a fault.

It’s also common for customers to want to be able to remotely login to instruments and download their measurement data and or see live data and graphing on their screens. At Alpha Scientific, we offer some world class monitoring platforms to allow our customers to monitor a wide range of instrumentation.

Palas My Atmosphere Web Portal

Palas GmbH offer a world class global online data collection platform by the name of My Atmosphere and this platform is capable of easily, efficiently and cost effectively (currently free) collecting instrument data, sending email alerts to end users, allowing customers to download reports and much more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that air pollution causes seven million premature deaths worldwide each year and makes many more people sick. It affects the respiratory tract, the cardiovascular system, the fetal organism and neurological development in childhood and old age.

By being able to measure air pollution with precision dust and air quality monitoring devices and visualize this, store the data long terms and produce reports on demand is of great benefit to many customers across many industries.