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Industry Partners

Like with many organizations throughout Australia and the world, Alpha Scientific works closely with a number of trusted local and international suppliers and strategic business partners. Our business partners are proven, tried and tested organizations who we have known for many decades who we can rely on and highly recommend to others. Some of these partners are listed below.

IDM Instruments Pty Ltd

Based in Melbourne, Australia, IDM Instruments is a long standing precision instrument manufacturer with a proven track record spanning over 50 years. IDM manufactures a wide variety of testing and measurement technologies which are sold throughout Australia and exported to their wide global distribution network. Their staff have extensive industry experience across many different fields, the company operates service and calibration facilities in their Melbourne head office and IDM is very well known and respected in the industry.

National Calibration Network

Alpha Scientific is closely affliated with a wide range of calibration service providers throughout Australasia. Many of these are NATA / ISO 17025 accredited facilities who provide calibrations for a wide range of products including temperature sensors, humidity sensors, differential pressure sensors, mass flow meters, gas monitors, particle instruments, microbial air samplers and many other types of equipment. Having service providers in different states and territories has proven to be very beneficial to our customers generally reducing lead times and calibration costs.

National EMS System Integration Network

As a supplier of particle and environmental monitoring systems (EMS) which are sold and installed all over Australasia, its important to us that our customers receive fast and affordable technical support when they need it. Back in 2020, we established a national EMS systems integration network with highly experienced systems integration and support partners in different states and territories through Australia. This network has proven invaluable to many of our EMS customers in saving them time and money upfront and ongoing.

Palas GmbH

Palas is a world leader in the manufacture of aerosol spectrometers, aerosol generators, ultra-fine particle measurement, dust monitoring, filter testing and many other particle research instruments. Their products are extensively used throughout Australia and the world and Alpha Scientific is proud to represent their product range across Australia and New Zealand. Palas offer MCERTS & EN16450 certified dust monitoring solutions, not to mention many other systems and instruments to meet a wide variety of local and international standards.


Based in the UK, Pharmagraph is a world renowned supplier and manufacturer of GMP compliant particle and environmental monitoring software platforms, particle counting, particle sampling and many other technologies for pharmaceutical facilities, hospitals, nuclear medicine and many other industries operating in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Their software platforms support a wide variety of particle instruments on the market and offer customers much greater flexibility when compared to many similiar platforms on the market.

Beckman Coulter

Beckman Coulter is a large well known and respected multi-national company which manufacturers an extensive range of world class products which are widely used across countless industries including hospitals, pharmaceuticals, life science, education, research and many others. Alpha Scientific works closely with Beckman Coulter Australia and specializes in the supply of their air and liquid particle counting instruments for use in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Beckman manufacture the popular Met One brand of particle instruments and Hiac 9703  series of liquid particle counters which are widely used throughout industry.

Clean Air Monitoring Solutions

Based in the UK, Clean Air Monitoring Solutions (CAMS) offer a wide range of specialized microbial air sampling systems and instruments designed for Annex 1 compliance in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Their unique slit to agar technology and product range enables facilities to continuously monitor microbials in GMP facilities over much wider periods with time stamping and utilizing far less consumables when compared to other portable samplers and sampling systems on the market.

Micron View Limited

Based in the U.S.A Micron View are specialist manufacturers of cleanroom detection and real-time monitoring technologies. They manufacturer particle counting instruments, bio aerosol sampling technologies, compressed air and gas testing equipment and other world class products including autonomous robots for navigating facilities and undertaking particle counting, microbial sampling and other forms of environmental monitoring. Their BAMS portable bio aerosol monitor provides true portability and 24/7 real-time microbial monitoring.

Shimadzu Australia

Shimadzu is a world leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art particle size analyzers for industry professionals. Shimadzu particle size analyzers are extensively used throughout Australasia and the world and Alpha Scientific is proud to partner with them in the distribution of these truly world class products. Particle size analysis is a technical procedure to characterize the size distribution of particles in a powder or liquid sample. It is widely used in R&D and quality control in industries involved with nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronic materials, sintering materials, Li-ion battery electrodes and more.

Kanomax Japan Incorporated

Based in Japan, Kanomax is a world leader in the supply of ventilation test equipment, indoor air quality monitoring equipment, air balancing equipment, automotive testing equipment, thermal anemometer technologies, mask respirator fit testing, aerosol research, sound and vibration monitoring, particle counting, dust monitoring and other world class products. The company has been around for decades and their products are widely used throughout the world across many different industries. Some of their products offer unique features and or specifications unmatched by any other comparable products on the market.

Particles Plus

Based in the U.S.A, Particles Plus is a world leader in the manufacture of optical particle counting instruments for cleanroom monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, outdoor air quality monitoring and related applications. Particles Plus also manufacture low cost condensation particle counters for ultra-fine particle measurements. The CEO and management at Particles Plus have been in this industry for decades, founding, working with and helping grow some of the world’s leading particle equipment manufacturers. Alpha Scientific has great respect for and a long standing relationship with our partners at Particles Plus.

Corporate Partners

Alpha Scientific is also affilaited with, connected to and or represents many other local and international organizations and partners of which may not be displayed in the above section. If there is a certain type of measurement you are wanting to make or technology you are wanting to source, chances are our team will be able to help you or at least steer you in the right direction. We work closely with many different government departments, GMP consultants, regulatory authorities, universities, research groups, testing laboratories and many others and our primary objective is to help and support our customers.