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Air Balancing Hoods

Air Balancing Hoods

Air balancing hoods have been used extensively throughout Australia and the world for decades. Almost every HVAC professional has one these days and the products keep evolving and getting better all the time.

Our staff at Alpha Scientific have worked in this industry for close to 40 years and have considerable experience with various brands, makes and models of air balancing hoods & related instruments. We offer a range of hand selected products from some of the world’s leading ventilation test equipment manufacturers.

Air balancing hoods are specialized tools used to measure and balance air flow in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. They consist of a frame with an air flow capture hood on top, connected to a digital display unit. The air flow capture hood is designed to measure the velocity and volume of air flowing through it.

It is typically placed over a vent or register in the HVAC system, and the air flow capture hood captures the air flow and directs it through the sensor in the hood. The digital display unit shows the air flow readings in real time, along with other information such as air temperature and humidity.

This information can be used to identify any imbalances or issues in the air flow of the HVAC system, such as blocked or leaky ducts. Air balancing hoods are commonly used in both commercial and residential HVAC systems to ensure that the system is operating efficiently and effectively.

Proper air flow balance helps to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy consumption, and ensure that the system is providing adequate heating or cooling to all areas of the building.

Our air balancing hoods are valuable tools for HVAC technicians and engineers to measure and balance air flow in HVAC systems, and they are widely used in the industry to ensure optimal system performance and energy efficiency.