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SMPS Systems

SMPS Systems

SMPS systems are very high resolution, research grade particle counting and sizing systems designed for the highly accurate measurement of ultra-fine and nano sized particles. These particles typically range from 4nm to around 1,400nm however this size range can vary depending on how you configure your SMPS system. Different condensation particle counters (CPC’s), control units, neutralizers, DMA columns and accessories may be used to configure these systems to meet you specific needs.

Our world renowned PALAS SMPS systems provide up to 256 high resolution particle sizing channels and they are suitable for many different applications. SMPS systems are extensively used through Australasia and the world. They are commonly used by universities, CSIRO, the defence industry, aerosol research groups, atmospheric scientists and many others to accurately and reliably make fine particle measurements.

SMPS Systems

Our staff at Alpha Scientific have decades of experience in this field in the supply of different types of SMPS systems into many different industries and organizations. We are proud to offer the PALAS range of German made SMPS systems which represent exceptional quality and value for money.

Palas SMPS systems are extensively used throughout the world. They are relatively easy to use, they are fully portable (for field applications) and they offer many features beyond what is available on competitive systems. Palas SMPS systems also include a classifier (defined in ISO 15900 as a differential electrical mobility classifier (DEMC), or also known as a differential mobility analyzer (DMA) in which aerosol particles are selected according to their electrical mobility and passed to the outlet.

Unmatched Flexibility

Palas SMPS systems may easily be combined with Palas world renowned spectrometers to EXTEND the measurement range from potentially 4nm to a massive 100um in size. This provides users with extraordinary particle measurement capabilities FAR beyond the capabilities of other measurement systems on the market we are aware of.

This ultra wide measurement range means your system may be used for a much broader range of applications (ultra-fine particle measurements, inhalation toxicology, pharmaceutical aerosol studies, analyzing powders, aerosol research, dust monitoring, atmospheric monitoring, filter testing) and so many others.

These powerful SMPS systems, especially if combined with a Palas spectrometer are terrific tools for research organizations or universities where they may be shared between groups and used for so many different purposes. While providing users with 256 high resolution particle size channels from the SMPS system, Palas aerosol spectrometers also provide you with up to 128 additional particle size channels covering their given size range.