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Particle Size Analyzers

Particle Size Analyzers

Particle size analyzers are widely used in R&D and quality control in industries involved with nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, electronic materials, sintering materials, Li-ion battery electrodes and more. Particle size analysis is a technical procedure to characterize the size distribution of particles in a powder or liquid sample.

Shimadzu is a world leader in the manufacture of state-of-the-art particle size analyzers for industry professionals. Shimadzu particle size analyzers are extensively used throughout Australasia and the world and Alpha Scientific is proud to partner with Shimadzu in the distribution of these truly world class products.

Experience the Shimadzu Difference

  • State-of-the-art particle sizing technology from Shimadzu, a world leader in the manufacture of particle size analyzers
  • Systems for liquids and powders and many different medical, pharmaceutical and industry applications
  • Particle size analyzers capable of being configured to analyze both liquid and powder samples
  • Incredible measurement capabilities spanning from 17nm to 2400um
  • All particle size analyzers are fully installed, commisioned, serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia

World Class Particle Size Analyzers

The Shimadzu iSpect DIA-10 dynamic particle image analysis system combines particle size and image analysis technology to offer complete particle characterization including size, shape, and number concentration. It can perform particle imaging, size analysis, and foreign object detection, and obtain size distributions and number concentration, in as little as 2 minutes.

The iSpect DIA-10 features a highly reliable particle detection system, unprecedented functionality and performance and it is easy for operators to use.

The Shimadzu SALD-7500nano particle size analyzer delivers 10 times the sensitivity of previous models, this innovative analyzer is capable of continuously measuring changes in particle size and particle size distribution at one-second intervals, within a range spanning 7nm to 800μm.

In addition, unique options that accommodate the measurement of even high-concentration samples (up to 20 wt%) and trace quantity samples (down to 15 μL) are available. Due to its leading-edge measurement capabilities, the analyzer will likely be used for many applications in new areas, including nanotechnology, the life sciences, and fine bubbles (microscopic bubbles).

The Shimadzu SALD-2300 laser diffraction particle size analyzer is the latest addition to the popular SALD series. While maintaining continuity and data compatibility with the earlier 2000, 2100 and 2200 series, particle size analyzer is equipped with many new functions useful for evaluating changes (dispersion, aggregation, dissolution) in particle size distribution relative to the concentration or time.

It supports a particle concentration range from 0.1 ppm to 20% and can perform a series of measurements of 200 data points at 1 second minimum intervals.

The Shimadzu SALD 201V particle size analyzer is a compact, economically priced instrument that offers high performance and reliability for a wide range of food, liquid, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical applications. A measuring range of 0.25 um to 350 µm accomodates most routine analysis requirements.

Utilizing the latest laser diffraction measurement technology the SALD 201V is available in both a batch cell version and batch cell and flow through cell model. This system is also compatible with the latest WingSALD II data processing software.

The Shimadzu Aggregates Sizer aggregation analysis system enables the quantitative evaluation of particle amounts in the SVP range as a concentration (unit: μg/mL). Aggregations of biopharmaceuticals can be categorized into 3 ranges: IVP (In-visible Particle), SVP (Sub-visible Particle), and VP (Visible Particle), according to their particle size.

Until now, no particle size analyzer could cover the SVP range with a single measurement. Therefore, multiple methods had to be used. Aggregates Sizer completely covers the SVP range.

Have You Seen the Latest Shimadzu SALD 2300 ?

  • 17nm to 2500um sample / batch cell particle size measurement range
  • 300nm to 2500um dry particle measurement range
  • This advanced system may be used for liquids or powders (see the video below)
  • It’s capable of measuring all sorts of powders and liquids for countless applications WAY beyond what traditional optical particle counting instruments can measure
  • Applications include (hand soap, flour, medicines, paints, pigments, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food products, beverages, chemicals, polymer molecules, biotechnology and more)

Shimadzu SALD-2300 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Shimadzu SALD-2300 Flow Cell Unit Operation

Shamidzu SALD-2300 Cyclone Injection Dry Measurement Unit SALD-DS5

Shimadzu SALD-2300 Batch Cell Unit Summary

Shimadzu SALD-2300 Converting Wet System into a Dry System

Shamidzu SALD-2300 High Concentration Cell Unit

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