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Scientific, Laboratory & Environmental Monitoring Equipment Specialists

Alpha Scientific is a specialist supplier of scientific, laboratory, dust monitoring, cleanroom monitoring, filter testing, particle research, outdoor air quality monitoring and many other state-of-the-art technologies.








Cleanroom & Facility Monitoring Systems & Instruments

Over 35 years of experience in the supply of particle counters, microbial air samplers particle and environmental monitoring systems and instruments into GMP facilities, hospitals and many other organizations.








Particle Research Instruments & Aerosol Generation

Decades of experience in the supply of particle counting & sizing instruments, aerosol generation equipment, ultra-fine particle monitoring, dust monitoring and many other particle related technologies.







Dust & Air Quality Monitoring Equipment

A wide range of latest generation dust monitoring systems and instruments from some of the world’s leading instrument manufacturers. Real-time monitoring and data collection & more.







Filter, Media & Disposable Mask Testing Solutions

Filter and media testing systems and instruments, N95 / P2 disposable mask testing systems and equipment from world leading manufacturers.







Latest News

New Generation CAMS Microbial Air Monitors

Clean Air Monitoring Solutions (CAMS) based in the UK, manufacturer some of the BEST and most technically advanced continuous microbial air monitoring solutions on the market. CAMS microbial air monitors continue to grow in popularity globally and the lead times for...

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Alpha Scientific Christmas Holidays Office Hours

On behalf of the team at Alpha Scientific, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We would also like to thank all of those customers that have supported us in 2023 and we look forward to working with you...

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Beckman Coulter Met One 3400+ Latest “How To” Videos

For all those organizations currently using or considering buying one of the popular Met One 3400+ series portable particle counters, you can access a whole suite of "how to" videos by clicking HERE. The same link also contains a wide variety of videos covering the...

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NSW Mines Embrace Palas AQ Guard Dust Monitors

The role out of Palas AQ Guard Smart dust and air quality monitoring systems continues across Australia with a wide variety of industries now utilizing Palas technology for monitoring outdoor air quality. This featured image shows one of 2 systems acquired by a major...

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Highly Flexible Particle Monitoring System Upgrades

As we fast approach 2024, our staff at Alpha Scientific reflect back and cant help but note the huge number of organizations in 2023 that came to us wanting to upgrade and or replace their existing GMP compliant particle / environmental monitoring system(s). These...

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Beckman Hiac 9703+ Software Upgrade Now Available

Beckman Coulter HIAC 9703+ series liquid particle counter users will be pleased to know that Beckman Coulter has just released a new upgrade for their popular PharmSpec software. If you have one or more Beckman Coulter HIAC 9703+ series liquid particle counters in...

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Alpha Scientific

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Alpha Scientific Pty Ltd is a is a specialist supplier of cleanroom monitoring, scientific, laboratory, environmental monitoring, particle counting, particle research, dust monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring, filter testing and many other particle and environmental related technologies.

The company is 100% Australian owned and represents some of the world’s leading scientific equipment manufacturers. Our staff have over 35 years of real-world instrumentation and applications experience working with many different brands of measurement systems and instruments and thousands of organizations over time.

Alpha Scientific is also closely affiliated with a number of other leading and long standing organizations in the scientific, controlled environment, environmental monitoring and instrumentation sectors. These organizations work closely with Alpha Scientific and vice versa in providing an extended range of products and services for our customers. The company maintains distributors for various product lines, a national EMS systems integration network and numerous other KEY strategic partners.