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Hotwire Anemometers

Hotwire Anemometers

Hotwire anemometers are ideal for making accurate and reliable air velocity measurments in many HVAC applications. They are particularly useful for low flow measurements below what is measureable by vane anemometers and other measurement tools. With a small (typically extendable or articulated head), they can also make measurements in ducts or small places where vane anemometers simply cannot be used. They are specified in many standards and they are widely used throughout Australia and the world.

Portable hotwire anemometers are instruments used to measure fluid velocity or speed. These anemometers use a heated wire, which is typically made of platinum, to measure the velocity of fluid, such as air, by measuring the cooling effect of the fluid as it flows over the wire. Portable hotwire anemometers can be used in various applications, including:


  • HVAC Systems: Portable hotwire anemometers can be used to measure the airflow and velocity of air in ducts and other components of HVAC systems. This information can help in optimizing the performance of the system and identifying potential issues.
  • Environmental Monitoring: These anemometers can be used to measure wind speed and direction in outdoor environments. This information is useful in various fields, such as meteorology, air quality monitoring, and wind energy production.
  • Industrial Applications: Portable hotwire anemometers can be used in various industrial applications, such as measuring airflow in manufacturing processes, measuring the velocity of gases in pipelines, and measuring the velocity of liquids in pipes and tanks.
  • Research and Development: Portable hotwire anemometers can be used in research and development applications, such as in wind tunnel testing, aerodynamics research, and fluid mechanics research.
Our staff have worked in this industry for many decades and have supplied many different brands, makes and models of hotwire anemometers and air flow measurement instruments. We work with a number of world leading instrument manufacturers in the supply of quality and reliable measurement tools for HVAC professionals and anyone wanting to make accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements.

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