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Portable Particle Counters

Portable Particle Counters

The use of portable particle counters is common in the pharmaceutical industry, in hospitals, by testing and certification companies, compounding pharmacies, in the semiconductor industry and across many other fields for testing and certifying controlled environments such as cleanrooms, biological safaty cabinets and other equipment. Portable particle counters are also widely used for monitoring these environments as well.

Portable particle counters are available in different flow rate options including 28.3 LPM, 50 LPM and 100 LPM variations. They may be operated off batteries or mains, they feature onboard data storage, network connectvity, remote data access and control, localized audible and visual alarms and much more.

Met One 3400+ Portable Particle Counters

Beckman Counter Met One 3400+ series portable particle counters need little introduction. Beckman Coulter is a huge, multi-billion dollar, multi-national organization with offices in Australia and throughout the world. They are one of the world’s largest and leading manufacturers of scientific and laboratory equipment and their products are found in almost every hospital, laboratory and pharmaceutical company.

The latest Met One 3400+ series portable particle counters are newer generation versions of their popular Met One 3400 series portable particle counter of which have been widely used throughout Australia and the world for many years. These are beautiful looking and performing instruments with onscreen mapping, 316 stainless construction, 3 million sample data storage, remote data access and control capabilities and many other sought after features.

Micron View Particle Counters

Based in the USA and founded in 2013, Micron View has rapidly grown to become a global force in particle counting and environmental monitoring. Manufacturing microbial air samplers, sampling robots, real-time continuous microbial detection systems and other smart technologies, their portable particle counters are what you would expect from a manufacturer of cutting edge technologies.

With various flow rate model options available, Micron View particle counters feature 5 million sample data storage, the latest communication options, a 316 stainless steel shell, 8 inch large capacitive touch screen display, 6 particle size channels, battery or AC operation, audible / visual alarms, long life laser diode technology, a 9 hour battery life and much more. They are fully compliant with the latest standards and they are affordable for customers to purchase.

Alpha Scientific has decades of experience in the supply of many different brands of portable particle counters. We have worked with and continue to work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers of portable particle counters and particle measurement technologies. We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art, industry leading models at very competitive prices.

Dont forget to check out the latest range of Beckman Coulter Met One 3400+ portable particle counters, handheld particle counters, microbial air samplers and related products.