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Micron View Portable Particle Counters

Micron View Portable Particle Counters

Inroducing Micron View portable particle counters for industry professionals. Based in the USA, Micron View manufacture a comprehensive range of world class portable particle counters, microbial air samplers, sampling robots, real-time bio aerosol monitoring instruments and related products at very competitive prices. The Micron View A100 and A200 series high performance portable particle counters are widely used througout the world.

Micron View portable particle counters may be used for testing / certifying and monitoring biological safety cabinets, laminar airflow cabinets, cytotoxic cabinets, isolators, hot cells, monitoring cleanrooms and much more. They are fully ISO 14644-1, ISO14644-2, PICs PE009, ISO21501-4, 21 CFR Part 11, and EU GMP Annex 1 compliant.

Micron View Particle Counters Key Features

  • 6 latest generation, models to choose from
  • 6 particle size channels
  • 28, 50 and 100 LPM flow rate options
  • High quality 316 stainless steel enclosure, VHP compatible
  • 9 hours rum time (selected models)
  • 5 million sample data storage (3.5 GB)
  • Large 8″ capacitive color touch screen display
  • Various models with the weight starting from only 3.9 Kg
  • Internal pump with HEPA filtered exhaust
  • Built-in thermal printer
  • Long-life laser diode technology with 10 year laser warranty
  • Compact and lightweight at 3.9 kg (selected models)
  • Ethernet LAN, USB, Sensor Hub & Wi-Fi Communications
  • 20,000 zones and 200,000 locations
  • Multi level authority management, featured with audit trail
  • Sampling time: 1 second to 168 hours
  • Cycles 1 – 1000 samples on one location
  • High-quality GOLD plated mirrors
  • Built-in ultra-quiet vacuum pump
  • Fully 21CFR-11 compliant
  • Fully ISO 14644 & ISO 21501-4 and PICS PE-009 compliant
  • 2 Year warranty
Micron View manufacturer an impressive range of high quality portable particle counters at very affordable prices for customers. The system air flow is monitored by a precision mass flow meter which ensures a stable flow rate to within +/- 3% which is better than many competitive particle counters on the market. Micron View portable particle counters incorporate built-in audible / visual alarms with an external sound and alarm light available, 3.5GB (5 million samples) of onboard data storage and many other key features customers demand.
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