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A number of companies have come to Alpha Scientific in recent times asking us if we can support and or calibrate liquid particle counters they have purchased from other vendors. It appears they have purchased these units at some point and were later told that calibration in Australia was not possible. Some were obviously unimpressed. In some cases they planned to send their unit back to the USA or other parts of the world and in some cases they had absolutely no plan for maintenance or calibration at all.

Liquid particle counters are delicate, precision laboratory instruments which require annual or more frequent calibration in some cases to ensure optimal performance and accuracy and to meet local and global requirements. Removing them from their (generally clean and controlled environment), packing them up and shipping them via couriers around the world is NOT in their best interest. These are calibrated optical electronic devices and subjecting them to knocks, drops and other potential damage during their journey back and forward around the world is not in their best interest. Not to mention, this is also a time consuming and very costly experience for customers. And assuming the instrument eventually returns undamaged WHO is going to test and calibrate this once its back on site to ensure that it is operating correctly and it was not damaged in transit ?

This is one of the reasons Alpha Scientific is very selective in the products we sell and who we partner with. The Beckman Coulter liquid particle counters we offer are exceptionally good and reliable products and they are fully serviced, supported and calibrated in Australia. Even when they are installed and commissioned for the first time, they are tested and validated onsite and if the calibration has been effected in any way, they are re-calibrated on the customers site. The customer then has the peace of mind in knowing that their Beckman Coulter unit can be re-calibrated annually or as required on the customers site anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.

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