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Met One 6000 Series Remote Particle Counters

Met One 6000 Series Remote Particle Counters

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter, Met One 6000 series remote particle counters are state-of-the-art highly accurate and reliable particle instruments designed for monitoring cleanrooms, biological safety cabinets, LAF cabinets, isolators, hot cells, filling machines and many other controlled environments. These units come in both 2.8 LPM (0.1 CFM) and 28.3 LPM (1 CFM) versions and they are designed to be fixed in specific sampling locations. The 6000 series come complete with an isokinetic sampling probe and various accessories and they are easily installed in facilities by customers and system integrators. These models are designed to be used with an external vacuum pump or system which Alpha Scientific and or our system integration partners can also easily supply.

Many different models exist in this series reflecting the wide range of configuration choices customers have. The Met One 6000 series are modern, compact, rugged and reliable and are designed to operate continuously in facilities providing many years of trouble free operation. They are fully ISO 21501, ISO 14644, PIC’s PE 009 and GMP compliant.

Key Features

  • Available in 0.1 CFM and 1.0 CFM flow rate models
  • 0.3um and 0.5um sensitivity options
  • An extensive range of communications options, including WI-FI
  • POE (power over Ethernet) models available
  • Long life laser diode technology for guaranteed long term continuous monitoring
  • Built-in multi-color display LED beacon
  • Optional removeable PG bracket, where the IP address / location ID stays in the bracket
  • Easy to integrate with BMS, EMS and any facility monitoring system
  • Optional relative humidity and temperature probe integrates RH/T data with particle count data in same data stream
  • Optional high quality stainless steel enclosure

Optional Stainless Enclosure

The Met One 6000 series remote particle counters may be used in many applications for continuous particle monitoring where there are no requirements for additional protection. Some applications however may require the use of the optional stainless steel enclosure for added protection. This is the same with all particle instrument manufacturers where brackets or enclosures are often used to better protect instruments. The 6000 series may also be easily mounted on walls or equipment with or without the need for an enclosure. Our staff will always discuss your application prior to purchasing any equipment.