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Met One 6000P Series Remote Particle Counters

Met One 6000P Series Remote Particle Counters

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter, Met One 6000P series particle counters are high quality, highly accurate instruments designed for continuous particle monitoring in cleanrooms and controlled environments. Unlike other Met One models which require external vacuum, these units incorporate a built-in vacuum pump.

Met One 6000P series particle counters can easily and cost effectively be placed on cleanroom walls and or be fitted to biological safety cabinets, laminar air flow cabinets, pharmaceutical isolators, hot cells, filling machines and other equipment to ensure accurate and reliable particle measurements.

Key Features

  • 28.3 LPM (1.0 CFM) flow rate
  • Built-in long life vacuum pump
  • Long life laser diode technology for guaranteed long term continuous monitoring
  • Built-in multi-color display LED beacon
  • Easy to integrate with BMS, EMS and any facility monitoring system
  • Optional IP65 rated stainless steel enclosure that can be totally washed down
  • Built-in precision flow sensor
  • Ethernet, 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 and other communications options
  • 240 VAC  & 24 VDC power options
These units are available in both 0.1 CFM (2.83LPM) and 1.0 CFM (28 LPM) flow rate versions.  Numerous models also exist reflecting the different communications options available. They are fully ISO 21501 compliant, ISO 14644 compliant and they are designed for many years of continuous, reliable use in facilities.