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Manufactured by Palas GmbH in Germany, the Palas Cloud Droplet Analyzer is a high-resolution optical aerosol spectrometer optimized for measuring particle size distribution and number concentration of cloud aerosols like droplets and ice crystals.

Based on 90° optical light scattering measurement technology, high resolution particle count and size measurements can be made of droplets and ice crystals. Additionally, the cloud water content as well as mean droplet diameter can be reported.

This unique device is ideal for use by atmospheric researchers and specialist aerosol research groups. It’s already being used by leading researchers including at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) for Ice Nucleation Studies at AIDAc Facility

Key Features

– 0.6um to 100um particle size range
– 256 raw data channels
– Digital 20MHz processor
– Ethernet (LAN), USB, Wi-Fi, RS232 & RS485 communications
– 5 lpm flow rate

Typical Applications

– Insitu Cloud Monitoring
– Environmental Research
– Climate Research
– Cloud Formation
– Ice Nucleation Events

For more information on this device, please click HERE, email or contact Alpha Scientific in Australia on (03) 9893 3972