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Does your GMP facility have an old particle and or environmental monitoring system ? Is your existing monitoring system up to scratch ? Are you locked into one supplier for everything (particle counters, sensors, software, support, calibration) ? Are you having to fly suppliers in from interstate to do the work with additional travel costs that you pay for each and every time ? Wouldn’t it be nice to be unlocked and have the flexibility to be able to use various brands of particle counters, not to mention environmental sensors and have local support and calibration available.

At Alpha Scientific, we are constantly contacted by companies across Australasia wanting to upgrade and make the change. In many cases we can assist them very efficiently while also retaining all of their particle counters and environmental monitoring sensors, thus saving facilities a HUGE amount of money. After the upgrade, your facility is unlocked and you can purchase whatever particle counters you desire, mix and match brands and of course enjoy the benefits in using one of our world class Pharmagraph software platforms. For more information, feel free to contact Alpha Scientific on (03) 9893 3972 or email