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In a recent LINKEDIN article, we were interested to learn that the EPA in Ireland had recently purchased 22 x Palas AQ Guard Smart 1000 real-time dust monitoring stations. One of our affiliates in Ireland released the news on LINKEDIN and was happy for us to share this. The EPA in Ireland apparently already have close to 60 x Palas Fidas 200 compliance grade dust and air monitoring systems in their national network and the deployment of these new Palas AQ Guard Smart 1000 systems will allow monitoring in areas where a full reference grade monitor is not required.

The MCERTS certified Palas AQ Guard Smart series continue to grow in popularity across Australasia. These latest generation systems can operate off batteries, mains or solar panels and may be used for highly accurate dust and air quality monitoring. For more information click HERE, email Alpha Scientific today at or call us on (03) 9893 3972.