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Catalytic strippers, catalytic vapor filters and related products from Catalytic Instruments can make a world of difference when trying to make accurate and repeatable particle measurements. Catalytic Instruments GmbH develops, manufactures and markets products to condition the exhaust and to allow accurate measurement of particle concentration. Their catalytic strippers and related technologies are designed to remove the volatile compounds and to avoid re-nucleation effects by means of an oxidizing catalyst.
Butanol based condensation particle counters are widely used throughout the industry and they may be used both indoors and outdoors for a wide variety of measurement applications. Most SMPS systems on the market also incorporate condensation particle counters, many of which are butanol based. Butanol based CPC’s do however exhaust butanol vapor and when used indoors this can be a potential pollutant. Catalytic vapor filters can remove 99.99% of the butanol vapor emitting clean CO2 and H20 gas only.