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Introducing the Pegasor Airam ultra-fine particle monitor. This latest generation model in the Pegasor range is capable of measuring ultrafine particles from 10nm to 1,000nm continuously and in real-time while providing the end user with critical information such as particle number, particle size, LDSA (lung deposited surface area) and particle mass concentration. Incorporating the latest Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor, there are variations of this device for controlled environments, indoor air quality and outdoor air quality measurements.

Unlike many optical particle counters and dust monitors on the market which are designed and optimized for measuring dust and particulates down to only 0.5um, 0.3um or 0.1um in some rarer cases, this evolutionary instrument is specifically designed for ultra-fine particle measurements from 10nm to 1,000nm. With a growing local and global focus on occupational health & safety these days and exposure to potentially harmful ultra-fine particulates (welding fumes, smoke, diesel particulates, dusts & others) its important to have access to the right technology to be able to make ultra-fine particle measurements.

Being able to measure from 10nm to 1,000nm in a compact, low cost instrument which requires NO working fluids and little to no maintenance for 2 years is a terrific move forward for industry.

Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments

These devices may easily be mounted in cleanrooms and or controlled environments to confirm if your staff are being exposed to potentially deadly ultra-fine particulates from products or processes. Your traditional cleanroom monitoring optical particle counters can’t measure down to 10nm or anywhere near it, nor do they report particle mass, LDSA and other valuable data like these instruments.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

There is a huge local and global focus on indoor air quality. There are many sources of indoor pollutants and there is a lot that goes on in commercial factories and industry which generates ultra-fine particulates (welding, grinding, diesel vehicles moving around, industrial processes and more. For information on the indoor version of this device, click HERE.

Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring

With aircraft taking off and landing at airports, vehicles all over our roads, wood heaters, bush fires, diesel vehicles in underground mines and many other ultra-fine particulate sources, the Pegasor Airam is an obvious choice for any organization wanting to monitor levels of ultra-fine particulates. For more information, click HERE.

For some interesting reading on ultrafine particles and there health effects you can search the internet or visit the World Health Organization website HERE. For more information on the Pegasor Airam or any similar devices in the range, feel free to contact Alpha Scientific in Melbourne on (03) 9893 3972 or email