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Beckman Coulter’s 9703 series of liquid particle counters continue to be amongst our top selling products. These units are extensively used throughout Australia and the world and many organizations here and globally have standardized on them. August has reflected another strong month of sales and inquiries in relation to the Beckman 9703 series units. The most popular standards customers remain interested in are as follows, however these particle instruments are capable of meeting many different global standards.

  • USP 787 – Particulate matter in therapeutic protein injections
  • USP 788 – Particulate matter in Injections
  • USP 789 – Particulate matter in ophthalmic solutions

The lead time has unfortunately increased due to global demand and supply shortages. Any organizations interested in liquid particle counting and complying with the latest global standards are welcome to contact Alpha Scientific on (03) 9893 3972 or email us at More information is also available HERE.