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As we fast approach 2024, our staff at Alpha Scientific reflect back and cant help but note the huge number of organizations in 2023 that came to us wanting to upgrade and or replace their existing GMP compliant particle / environmental monitoring system(s). These companies all had various reasons for wanting to change however one of their main reasons continues to be that they did not wish to be locked into and totally reliant on any one vendor, in particular being locked into one brand of particle counters on their site.

We were able to assist many of these companies fortunately and in 2024 will continue to work with them (and others) to help facilities transition into more flexible and more importantly, unlocked monitoring platforms. Our staff remain very committed to working with our Australian system integration network partners and and affiliates in continuing to find better, smarter and more affordable ways for facilities to install systems, upgrade them as needed and maintain them.

For more information on our range of cleanroom and facility monitoring systems and instruments please click HERE, email Alpha Scientific today at or call (03) 9893 3972.