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While the price of remote fixed cleanroom particle counters continues to rise across the industry, as do repair and calibration costs, many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and other GMP facilities are starting to re-evaluate their needs and make some serious changes. A growing number of organizations are contacting Alpha Scientific wanting to swap out existing particle counter brands for alternative options in an effort to try and save money and improve on product reliability in many cases. Alpha Scientific has secured some considerable orders from facilities in recent times for large qualities of remote cleanroom particle counters.

While we offer a wide range of remote particle counters, the Beckman Coulter Met One 6000P series pump based models interestingly continue to be some of the best selling instruments. While the Met One 6000P series don’t offer all the bells and whistles that some of our other particle counters do, they are fully GMP compliant, they are easily integrated into EMS, BMS, SCADA systems and they have proven to be extraordinarily reliable over time as have the Met One 6000 series particle counters. The Beckman Coulter Met One 6000P series models are available with or without the optional stainless steel enclosure.

All of these models are also fully serviced, supported and NATA calibrated in Australia and our national systems integration network partners can assist any companies wanting to upgrade or install new particle counters and or monitoring systems.

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