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While the market is flooded with real-time dust monitors, very few dust monitors come remotely close to offering the features, performance, accuracy and MCERTS certification the PALAS AQ GUARD SMART series of advanced dust monitors.Manufactured in Germany, these latest generation units are being rolled out across the world currently into mine sites, quarries, road work, tunneling and across many different industries. Palas even currently offers 2 years of FREE data collection and alarm messaging via their website portal which saves customers a LOT of money when compared to other subscription based services.

And the great news is these new generation SMART series from PALAS are very competitively priced. They probably should be twice the price for what they can do, however they are NOT and any customers interested in buying and using a serious, professional dust monitoring system should definitely give us a call and check of the features versus pricing on these new models. For more information, email or click HERE.