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The latest generation of PALAS AQ-GUARD SMART dust monitoring systems are now available and these state-of-the-art instruments are even MCERTS certified. Some companies associate Palas dust monitors as premium, high quality compliance grade instruments only affordable by the elite. While Palas continue to manufacture EN 16450 certified compliance grade dust monitoring stations for industry and research, they also continue to release lower priced models using the same world renowned measurement technology. Their latest AQ GUARD SMART series have really generated a lot of interest with a record number of companies calling about these and or planning to buy them. These systems are now VERY affordable and comparable with many other dust monitoring systems on the market (price wise) however offer many more features and much greater performance and accuracy than your average dust monitor.

If your organization is undertaking or planing to undertake real-time dust monitoring then feel free to give Alpha Scientific a call on (03) 9893 3972 or email